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The Bar

You can order for drinks 24/7 from our on-site bar while staying in the hotel.


We offer a variety of beers, draughts, spirits, wines and champaigns to cover everybody's desire. We also serve feezy drinks and natural juice with cocktails also available during bar opening hours.


  • Soft drink from £2.50

  • Pint of Draught from £3.50

  • Small beer bottle from £3.50

  • Big beer bottle from £5.00

  • Glass of wine from £6.00

  • Bottle of wine from £18.00

  • Shots of spirit from £3.00

  • Bottle of spirit from £55.00

  • Bottle of Champagne from £80.00


Sorry but at the moment we do not offer any breakfast service. However there are many Cafes few minutes walk away that open early and would serve  Breakfast.



Lunch & Dinner

lunch and dinner are served between 1:00pm and 10:00pm. We offer a variety of  light courses, main courses, kids' meal and desserts to compliment your entire day.


The availability on our menu may vary slightly on a daily basis. Please enquire at the reception for daily availability.


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